Frequently Asked Questions

Is your food halal?

We are proudly pork free and none of our dishes are cooked with alcohol. We also source all our ingredients from halal suppliers. We ourselves are not halal certified just yet as we do serve one alcoholic-dessert, the Tiramisu. The label clearly states this and we also have a no-alcohol version, the very popular Tiramisu Cake. We are in the process of applying for a halal certification and we’ll update you guys as soon as we know more. We hope this answers your question!

Where is Kenny Hills Coffee located?

You can find us here.

Can I make a reservation or book a table?

Our Kenny Hills Coffee outlet does not accept any reservations at the moment.

You may just walk in to dine with us.

Where can I see your menu?

Click here to see our full menu. 😁

Do you sell your coffee beans?

Yes, we sell our House Blend that is a XXX and the Brazil Java at RM50+ per 250g.

We have it at all our KHC outlets! Here are our locations.

Where do you sell the coffee beans?

We have it at all our KHC outlets!

Do you serve food at Kenny Hills Coffee?

Yes, we have a delicious range of hot-press sandwiches, croffles, pastries and cakes. View our full menu here.

What coffee beans or special blend do you use?

For espresso based coffee, we have a house-blend and a seasonal blend whereas for our pour-overs, we’re currently using three different single origin beans. In rotation at the moment are beans proudly sourced from Ethiopia, Indonesia & Honduras. Drop by for a coffee soon and our friendly baristas will be more than happy to answer any other questions you have while brewing you a pour-over.

Do you any sell any Kenny Hills Bakers' Organic Breads?

Some of our Kenny Hills Bakers favourites such as pastries and cakes will be available at Kenny Hills Coffee. However, our Kenny Hills Bakers organic bread is not sold at Kenny Hills Coffee.

Are you guys hiring?

You can check out our careers page and fill out the form if necessary.

Yes! We’re always looking to grow so check out our Careers page to apply today.