v60 Brew Guide

  • The V60 is an elegant brewer that lets you have complete control over your brewing extraction. Known as a conventional brewing method, each pour from the V60 takes approximately 3 minutes with the result of a clean, easy-to-drink coffee. Best suited for those who enjoy a light brew to their caffeine.

    Fun fact: The V represents its cone shape, and “60” (degrees) for its sloping angle off the dripper’s side.

  • What You'll Need

    • Hario V60 brewer
    • Hand Grinder
    • Paper filter (01 size)
    • Digital weighing scale
    • Filtered Water
    • Coffee Carafe (optional, cups are advisable)
    • Coffee beans (Single origins preferred)
    • Pouring Kettle (gooseneck preferred)


  • Step 1: PREP THE BREW

    Pre-heat the V60 with water to dampen the paper filter. Once wet, discard the water. This step will ensure your equipment is ready for the perfect brew.

  • Step 2: PRE-INFUSE

    Pre-infuse by pouring 30g of water onto the coffee grounds for 30 seconds to let your coffee grounds bloom. Look out for the coffee bed to raise up and bubble as the gas is released from the coffee. Fun fact: The fresher the coffee, the more bubbles will be released.


    Pour 120g of water in a circular motion to ensure the coffee grounds are submerged and wet. Continue your pour for approximately 30 seconds, avoiding the light spots and pouring over the dark areas.


    Allow the remaining water to fully draw down until the coffee bed is exposed. Look out for a darker, damp colour from the coffee bed. We’d recommend you smell the coffee bed and indulge in its aroma as your coffee grounds brew

  • Step 5: END THE POUR

    Pour 90g of water in a circular motion throughout. At the last 5 seconds, end your pour by putting focus on the centre of the brew – the sweet spot.


    Let your coffee fully draw down for a brew time of 3:00 – 3:30 minutes. At this temperature, you’ll be able to extract a coffee’s optimum flavour. For the best experience, go the extra mile and preheat your cup to ensure both are of the same temperature before transferring the coffee out of the coffee carafe.

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